Does your child have difficulty drinking, eating and communicating?

Our Services

Speech Pathology services was established in 1997 to provide a range of assessment and intervention services to infants and children from birth to 18 years. We provide specialist assessment and management of a wide range of feeding (eg. breast, bottle, solid feeding, tube feeding transition issues and nutritional issues) and communication difficulties such as speech difficulties, language delays/disorders, stuttering, voice, social interaction , literacy difficulties ( eg. spelling, reading and writing) and oromotor difficulties (eg. dribbling, low muscle tone, coordination issues).


​We have an experienced and dedicated team who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for your child and family and work integrally within the child’s community.


Our clinic provides services to infants and children with a range of communication and feeding issues from very mild issues (eg. lisp) to more complex disorders/conditions (eg. autism, congenital syndromes, cerebral palsy, cardiac conditions, craniofacial conditions eg. tongue tie, cleft palate) and we welcome families from culturally diverse communities.


All allied health professionals at the practice are registered as current members of their respective associations and are experienced clinicians. Speech Pathologists are members of Speech Pathology Association of Australia(SPAA) and are registered as Certified Practising Speech Pathologists (C.P.S.P).


Our specialists are registered with private health funds in Australia to allow private health insurance benefits and are currently providers for the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care benefits, Fahcsia and Betterstart payments.

The clinic is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider and all specialists are able to provide services to all NDIS participants and provide tube feeding formula and fluid thickener registrations for NDIS participants.

Referrals can be made by families or health professionals. 


Our Specialists

Sarah Starr


Speech Pathologist

Maria S.jpg

Maria Stavropoulos

Speech Pathologist

Sarah MacMillan

Speech Pathologist

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Ilona Sim

Speech Pathologist

Lorna Betts

Speech Pathologist


Natalie Trevisan

Speech Pathologist


Speech Pathology Services (NSW)

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