Mandy-Lee Adno

Mandy-Lee has worked in the paediatric and neonatal wards, Cleft Palate Clinic and Paediatric HIV Clinic, at The Johannesburg General Hospital, in South Africa. She then moved to London where she set up a paediatric feeding service in Havering dealing with a range of inpatient and outpatient paediatric feeding difficulties. In 2007, Mandy-Lee relocated to Sydney, Australia. She began working at Royal North Shore Hospital in the Paediatric and neonatal wards and was involved in the paediatric multidisciplinary feeding clinic alongside a Paediatrician, dietician and clinical nurse.

Since 2011, Mandy-Lee has been working in private practice, assessing and managing babies and children with feeding difficulties.

Mandy-Lee’s additional training includes:

  • The Sensory-Oral Sequential (SOS) Approach to Feeding (basic and advanced training)

  • Managing Paediatric Feeding Difficulties – Specialty Workshop

  • Making SENSE of mealtimes

  • The Wilbarger Therapressure and Oral Tactile Technique for Sensory Defensiveness.

  • Managing Tube Dependency: The Graz Tube Weaning Model

  • Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility (DOR) and eating competence.


Mandy-Lee is passionate about early intervention and preventing later problems. Being a mother of 3, Mandy-Lee understands the stress and anxiety that parents endure around feeding and mealtimes, making one of her focuses in treatment to help decrease parents stress around feeding.


Mandy-Lee’s has a passion for helping parents, babies and children, as well as a strong desire to educate the wider community on the range of paediatric feeding difficulties and appropriate prevention and treatment methods. She has provided a range of lectures, talks and workshops on paediatric feeding to, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, the staff at Karitane and parents.

BA (Speech Pathology& Audiology), M.S.P.A.A, C.P.S.P

Mandy-Lee Adno graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology and Audiology, in 2004. Mandy-Lee later completed a postgraduate course in Paediatric Feeding at Manchester University in the United Kingdom. She is a member and registered certified practicing speech pathologist with Speech Pathology Association of Australia.

Mandy-Lee has extensive experience in assessing and managing babies and children with a range of feeding difficulties including; premature infants, breast, bottle, solid feeding difficulties, neurological conditions, chromosomal abnormalities, developmental delay, tube weaning, autism spectrum disorder, fussy eating as well as behavioural, oromotor and sensory related difficulties.