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  • Difficulty learning letter names

  • Difficulty learning letter sounds

  • Difficulty sounding out words

eg. Can you sound out “bed”…“b…e…d or difficulty blending sounds

eg. Can you blend these sounds into a word “m…a…n” is…”man”

  • Avoidance of sounding out words or frequently guesses words when reading.

  • A dislike of reading

  • Difficulty reading fluently

  • Poor comprehension/difficulty recalling information from the text

  • Difficulty spelling

  • Difficulty writing

  • Difficulty planning sentences or paragraphs

  • Difficulty with problem solving in maths

Our speech pathologists are trained to assess early literacy from the preschool years through to adulthood. At the preschool age children are beginning to develop awareness of books, letter sounds, letter names and may recognise early sight words. Children develop literacy at varying ages and rates but it is very important to have your child assessed if they are demonstrating any early difficulties and/or avoidance behaviours as they enter school and over the first years of school to ensure that literacy skills are being developed and your child’s academic progress and self esteem in learning is maintained.

Children who have had difficulty developing speech and language or have required speech therapy may be at risk of also having difficulty with acquisition of spelling, reading and writing and should be monitored closely as they enter school even if the speech and language issues have resolved.

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