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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child’s speech and language developing normally?

(see speech and language checklists)

Do feeding difficulties affect my child’s speech development?

(see feeding difficulties)

What will affect my child’s speech and language development?

(see communication difficulties – risk factors)

When should I contact a speech pathologist?

(see speech and language checklists)

My child’s speech is unclear what should I do?

(see speech difficulties)

What is a voice disorder?

(see voice problems)

My child stutters, when should I see a speech pathologist?

(see stuttering)

My child doesn’t like reading, should I get a literacy assessment?

(see literacy difficulties)

What does therapy involve?

(see communication difficulties - intervention)

Is the clinic wheelchair and pram accessible?

Yes, the clinic has street ramp access and lifts to the clinic rooms.

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